Tanya (blakdove) wrote in crochettwo,

First attempt at crocheting with beads

I actually started this a year ago, and forgot about it till earlier this week.

It's a bead-crocheted baggie, from a pattern found in Beadwork Magazine from December/January '04 (I think).

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Was it hard? I just can't quite wrap my head around how it works, but I've never tried it.
No, it's the exact same thing as plain crocheting, but you have to thread all the beads on first. That's a pain. Then, during crocheting, you slide up a bead next to your stitch and make sure it's in the loop when you make the stitch. It's a bit slow at first.
Ah, of course. It seems obvious that one threads them on first, but that never occurred to me and I couldn't figure how you did it. Ah-HAH.