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I didn't quite do it justice, but...

...I finally finished the Short'n'Sweet shrug, designed by the lovely and talented crohooker.

Here it is!

It's not as lumpy as it looks here; I just didn't bother to straighten it out very well.

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And two pictures of it being worn, because I couldn't get one good one. But I think you get the idea.

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This one shows off the stitch detail:

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I also never realize how gloomy Chicago is in winter until suddenly it's spring and sunny all the time.

Anyway, onto the specs:

Pattern: Short'n'Sweet, by Lavonne Best, published in The Happy Hooker.
Yarn: Knitpicks Main Line, 20% wool/80% cotton, a bit less than 7 skeins.
Modifications: The only thing I changed was crochet an extra repeat on the body to make it a bit longer (I'm tall).
Notes: I really enjoyed this pattern. It's quick and easy (I did most of it over one weekend), and the stitch is lovely and easy to memorize. I also really loved the yarn -- very soft and supple, and easier to work with than cotton alone. I made size medium, and it took 7 skeins of Main Line with my increased length.
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