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Happy Hooker FOs

I admit it. I don't crochet nearly as much as I knit. But last week, I just didn't feel like knitting. I wanted to make stuff, but I was sick unto death of everything that I've been working on. Screw project monogamy. Screw making stuff for other people. I wanted to make something new. Something different. Something for ME.

Crochet was the answer. First, I started finishing a crazy square blanket I've had sitting around forever. I ran out of yarn for that, so I started in on something else.

Then another something else.

And then a third.

So today, I present to you:

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Fat-Bottom Bag, in Sugar'n'Cream cotton with bamboo handles and a crocheted flower. By the way, this bag and all the others in this post are from Happy Hooker. The flower was from a pattern in the same book, too. This bag is so cute and summery, and holds my wallet, keys, and phone easily. It only took 2-3 hours to make, too.

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I followed the Knot Ugly shrug instructions, but it ended up being way different from theirs.

It started out as a way to destash this nylon/wool blend yarn that I've had sitting around for 7 years. It's called Kangaroo Martino, and my parents got it for me from Greece way back when. I didn't like it much and didn't know what to do with it. I had 4 skeins each of the green, and identical ones of navy, and kept thinking I need to use them together but really hated that color combo. I used two skeins of the navy somehow, at some point, but had most of the green still. Then I thought, hey, this would work great for the Knot Ugly shrug from HH. Except I made the sleeves shorter. And the neck too open, thereby making it into more of a boobholder.

I think I like it, but I might want to rework the front.

Oh, besides making the sleeves shorter, I also did a border of two rows of dc around the front and bottom. And added a cute little daisy button. Altogether, this thing took 5 hours to make.

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Pardon the camera-whoring. My husband and I were just having fun with pictures.

And finally:

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Cold Shoulder, in this weird mohair blend yarn my mom got me 6 years ago at a thrift store. She got 18 balls of this stuff. The capelet took a ball and a half. I've got to figure out what to do with 16 balls of teal mohair blend yarn. It took four hours to make this.

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(The yarn is Riviera Vichy, and it's 26% mohair, 24% wool, 19% nylon, 18% acrylic, and 3% polyester, making it the most blended yarn in my collection. It's also not a terribly pleasant yarn to work with, but I like the color.)

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Superhero pose!
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